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ShopPing will bring ONLY the things consumers like and want directly to their Smartphones in real time by using geo-targeting, narrowcasting and low-frequency beacon technologies. Along with this, the team at ShopPing has developed technology which allows consumers to be selected by businesses within precise demographics allowing a highly specific target audience notified in real time. The ShopPing subscription service focuses on businesses to target only the consumers interested in their products or services and allows consumers to only receive notifications for brands, goods or services, restaurants, event venues, etc. that they have selected on the ShopPing app…and the businesses via the ShopPing Dashboard will have the option of selecting the frequency and the distance of the notifications. Coupled with a guaranteed deal or discount, the service is matching consumers to only the deals they like and driving that traffic to the stores, restaurants or entertainment location.

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 Mindblam Technologies, Inc. was founded for the development of consumer and retail technologies as it relates to software-as-a-service (SaaS). The project currently in development and in test phase is ShopPing Targeted Rewards which is a geo-targeting, narrowcasting and location based mobile marketing SaaS platform for all size and types of brick & mortar businesses and an accompanying consumer app which will take advantage of beacon technologies for accurately driving traffic.